“one off” watches

The exclusive timepiece you have always been dreaming of …


 … and now, you are ready to have it created.

More than 100 “pieces uniques” have been developed and manufactured in the atelier in the centre of Geneva.

They were commissioned by lawyers, actors, bankers, scientists, famous players or CEO’s etc. that had all one point in common: “They were watch lovers and they wanted to have a watch that nobody else would have”.

This is true luxury.

All types of complications can be associated with a “pièce unique”. Just to name a few:

  • Perpetuel Calendar
  • Jumping Hours
  • Minute Repeater
  • Chronographs

The “pièce unique” pictured is a watch that carries a perpetuel calendar and a minute repeater. The minute repeater is activated by turning the bezel. The hands (in blue) display the month and the date. The small aperture in the “number six” displays the leap years, or not, as seen here (because one can see three lines). The dial is in BlueGold hand guilloché Tapisserie motive.

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