2nd Edition

A Timepiece with a History.



The first “Jour et Nuit” was elaborated as a “Pièce Unique”. Afterwards, in 1998, it was discovered by managers of CARTIER in 1998. Then ANDERSEN Genève manufactured a special edition of 125 watches for their “PASHA COLLECTION”.

The first “GRANDE JOUR ET NUIT” Edition under the ANDERSEN Genève brand, was realised with a base movement Frederic Piguet 15”, combined with the genius jumping hour mechanism developed and manufactured in the atelier. It was created in a limited edition of only 20 pieces in 2002 because of the rarity of the Frederic Piguet movement.

This second Edition “GRANDE JOUR ET NUIT” with the very classic movement Frederic Piguet, 15”*), hand wounded and ultra-flat, is completed with the genius jumping hour mechanism. The double hour hand, associated with the small minute hand, offers an aesthetic and readable display of DAY AND NIGHT TIME on an exclusive dial of BlueGold or natural stones such as JADE, AVENTURINE, WHITE MARBLE, GROSSULARITE.

This watch is made in a Limited Edition of :

30 pieces in red gold 5N

20 pieces in white gold

They are numbered 01/30 and 01/20. Some pieces are still available.

*) “Frederic Piguet” movement manufacturer, belonging to Swatchgroup, has stopped the production of this excellent classic calibre, developed in the 1960ties. It was produced for exclusive watches of the most renowned Swiss brands (Breguet, Jacquet Droz or Blancpain just to name a few). Therefore ANDERSEN Genève is proud to offer 50 exclusive wristwatches equipped with this lasting classic historic movement.