Eros Watches

The most Complicated Erotical Automaton in a wristwatch



Erotical scenes on watches are being asked by watch collectors for centuries. Pocket watches were having painted “erotic scenes”. ANDERSEN Genève gave life to those scenes by creating the most complicated erotical automaton on the market since 1994.

The front of the gold wristwatch is “classical” with a simple and well legible dial and a crown positioned at 3hrs. From the outside only a small pushbutton at 8hrs might seem unusual.

The back of the watch, however, is not “classical” anymore. Under a sapphire glass one discovers an automaton representing a libertine love scene; a real miniature polychrome painting, handmade, with a variety of fine details. At least 11 moving parts make the scene lively by the push of a button. All figurines are in motion with different rhythms. Most importantly and most difficult to achieve in an erotical automaton: “they are moving smoothly and in harmony”.

Three different Eros watch cases are available :

  • Eros Classic (38mm)
  • Eros XL (42 mm)
  • Eros 69 (46x42 mm) with a reversible watch case

Eros watches are all based on a two barrels mechanical movement upgraded by ANDERSEN Genève. Any types of dials are available with lacquer work, jade, aventurine, grossularite, miniature painting, “BlueGold” or special hand guilloché creations.

They can also be customized by its owner by choosing the scene created on the back.

Every watch has a different painting making every Eros “unique”.

The first Eros had the number 1 and today the number 171 is being manufactured.