Vita Vinum

The first timepiece to be presented in this new collection is called “Vita Vinum”. It will be limited to 12 pieces only.


The first watch to be introduced in this series is a tribute to wine, honouring the various stages involved in the wine-making process. Wine not only being significant in a gentleman’s life but more importantly the watch celebrates and draws attention to wine grower and wine lovers from the past, present and future.

This timepiece has been manufactured in collaboration with different artisans. Craftsmanship, for which Andersen Genève is highly regarded, the watch unveils the signature intricacies from the watchmaker to the miniature painter, revealing an exclusive dial made from 21 ct blue gold with “tapisserie” guilloché pattern. The very unique two colors red & white gold case has been manufactured in a traditional way without the use of a CNC machine.

Clients will have the choice of hand-engraving scenes on the back of their watch.

Deliveries will start in Q3 2019



Movement: High quality automatic movement upgraded by Andersen Genève; unique module developed and produced in the atelier to move a disc time over 12 months; every 24 hours one increment is made
Technical Data: 3Hz (21’600A/h), 25 jewels, with 36 hours power reserve
Case: Empire Style Red (5N) and white gold case with flutes (cannelures in French) manufactured the traditional way. Case back in red gold for hand engraved “bespoke” artwork
Crowns: x2, one to set the horological function and another for moving the 12 months disc    
Diameter: 42.5 mm  

Height: 11mm

Width (between lugs): 21 mm
Dial: Multi-part dial with:

One rotating disc turning one time in 365 days. It displays the twelve scenes of the wine grower’s work to be done over the year by a Swiss wine grower. A similar process applies for a French, an Argentinian, or an American wine grower and so forth, however it will not happen in the same month. For example, harvesting is much earlier in the Bordeaux Region than it is in Switzerland. The scenes are made by a genious miniature painter using acrylic painting methods.

One fixed disc to tell time in 21ct “Blue Gold” with guilloché main “tapisserie” pattern.

Hands: white gold brushed with polished bevel
Strap: Hand-stitched alligator leather with 18ct buckle